How To Get Cannabis Delivered in Quarantine

California Governor Gavin Newsom gave the stay-at-home order on March 19. While many cannabis dispensaries are still open, a few facts remain:

  1. Dispensaries are in high demand, and going to a physical location puts you at risk of gathering closely with others.
  2. There are still many Californians who are advised not go outside at all, due to being disabled or at high risk for respiratory disease.
  3. Cannabis is a widely-used tool for managing stress as well as having fun at home during a crisis like this.

Thankfully, California is home to legal cannabis delivery, and it’s never been a better time to try it out. Since we’re friends now, I’ll even hook you up with $20 off your first delivery order!

Whether you prefer cannabis flower, dabs, vape pens, edibles, or something else, read on to learn the easiest way to get your greens during the COVID-19 lockdown.

  1. Create an account on Eaze.
  2. Upload a photo of your ID to verify age & become an approved customer.
  3. Enter your address to search the nearby cannabis menu.
  4. Order your favorites.
  5. Pay with cash when your delivery driver arrives.

All the same dispensary rules still apply here: you still have to provide ID and prove that you are over the age of 21 before ordering cannabis from the platform.

You’ll then be asked to confirm your ID again before handing over the payment, so make sure to follow social distancing guidelines when the time comes – and tip your delivery driver to say thank you!

I’ve been ordering with Eaze for years, and love that they send updates on everything via text message. The platform connects customers with delivery in almost every city in California. In my experience, Eaze drivers have been quick and professional!

Some other favorite retailers of mine that deliver are Mankind and March & Ash here in San Diego, and Caliva servicing the Bay Area, OC and LA.

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