The Best Pain-Relieving Cannabis Topicals On The Market Right Now

Hey friends it’s me. Took a big long break from the blog (again 🙄) – but keeping up with it is one of my resolutions for the new year!

II thought I’d go back to my roots and do a post on some totally rad topical products I’ve been using to combat chronic pain over the last few months.

If you’re like me, you entertain all the newfound aches and pains of adulthood, as well as some old flames, like chronic pain and injuries from sports and accidents. No matter what’s acting up – whether it’s my knees, lower back, shoulder, wrists, or feet – I am looking for three things from any topical:

  • Close-to-complete numbing of pain within 15 minutes;
  • Pleasant and convenient application experience;
  • Discreet look and smell so it’s not obvious I have weed cream ALL over me.

The following are my three latest finds – in alphabetical order! I hope you enjoy reading about, browsing and maybe even trying one of these to help you crush your pain.

Hell, maybe you can even recommend one to your parent, grandparent, or other loved one struggling with pains of their own.

All of these products contain active ingredients derived from cannabis or hemp – which I am a huge advocate for. New here? Read my intro to cannabis topicals first to learn more about why you should ditch the IcyHot for something that actually works.

Artemis VITALITY CBD-Infused Salve

CBD-infused topicals provide a special soothing feeling to your skin. I was once skeptical that topical CBD could actually help relieve muscle pain beneath the skin’s surface, but now I see that with the right supporting ingredients, it is possible.

The VITALITY Salve by Artemis is one of the best CBD topicals I have tried. It has totally natural ingredients, starts working on my pain in about 15 minutes, and is good for skin irritations, too.

Arnica is an ancient plant medicine that has been used in pain relievers for years. It penetrates the skin to ease inflammation, swelling, pain, and even bruising. It gives this salve the power it needs to truly get in there and relieve pain.

I always put this on right after I get a bruise! That being said, it’s also excellent on the skin and I have used it for cuts, scratches, and even to chill sunburns. It has a spicy essential oil aroma which is actually pretty nice.

The CBD in this salve is hemp-based, so you can easily buy it online at to support this heart-centered San Diego brand.

Dr. Kerklaan Natural Pain Cream

I’ve been looking for a reliable new THC topical ever since the California regulations changed. Luckily, a friend left this one in my car, and it has proved to be the first major come-up of 2019.

Dr. Kerklaan’s pain cream was formulated by – you guessed it – doctors. That means it’s effective and badass.

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