CBD is quickly becoming one of the most popular wellness ingredients in the UK and the rest of the world. With this popularity, the versatility of products available is immense, from topicals, chocolate, and drinks to oils, capsules, and tampons.

Choosing a product and deciding how to take CBD can be a complicated task. Because it is so versatile, you can consume it in several different ways. We’re taking a look at the most common ways you can introduce CBD into your routine. www.leafly.com/

Taking CBD under your tongue 

Placing oil or paste under your tongue allows it to be quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. This method is also known as taking CBD ‘sublingually’ which literally means ‘under the tongue’. It is effective because the area is rich in blood vessels and the membranes that separate them from the bottom of your mouth are thin.

This is the most popular method of taking CBD because it is relatively easy, you need no special equipment, and up to 35% of each measure can reach your bloodstream. When taken this way it enters your system quickly and is likely to take effect in 15-20 minutes.

Swallowing and ingesting CBD 

Swallowing and ingesting CBD is an incredibly versatile method to take it because you can swallow it in capsules, gummies, soft drinks, teas, oils, and pastes. Oil and paste can be added to most food items and used in cooking, making the possibilities almost endless.

Many people choose capsules or gummies because they are discreet, easy to take, and deliver a precise measure of the active ingredient in each one. The drawback of swallowing CBD is that when you digest it, your liver breaks it down and your body can use only 4 to 20%.

Inhaling CBD Vapour

CBD can be inhaled when purchased as an e-liquid. These are specially prepared oils that you can use in vaporisers or e-cigarettes. Vaping has become popular recently as an alternative to smoking, but it is also an effective way to take cannabinoids.

Inhaling CBD vapour means that you absorb it through your lungs and it quickly enters your bloodstream. Up to 56% can reach your circulatory system to be used in your body and can take effect in about ten minutes.

To get started you will need to buy a vaporiser. Then, you can add the e-liquid directly to the tank, buy a ready prepared cartridge, or you can mix a vape-additive with your standard e-liquid.